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“Greek Pony Farm”, of the Nikolakopoulos Family, is situated in a small village Rodia, Kyparissia, Messinia in the region of Peloponnese at the center of a traditional Greek rural “paradise”. It is a place blessed by the gods where since ancient times; the earth generously yields its unique fruit.

The four-generation family tradition is present all over in the olive groves and the Farm land. The family’s “personal touch” which is inherited from generation to generation, is present in the cultivation and the infrastructure as well as in the production and standardization of all its products.

The farm is where everything starts for the Nikolakopoulos Family. It is apparent in every drop of organic extra virgin olive oil, each hand-picked olive, each fruit that bears the “Greek Pony Farm” signature!

Our authenticity

Olive Oil

Choose from the premium range
of our olive oils:
The extra virgin olive oil and
the new crop organic extra virgin olive oil!

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premium extra virgin olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is of high quality produced using sustainable production processes.


Our olive picking aims at producing a high quality olive oil.

Authentic Taste

The taste, the aroma and the natural characteristics of our extra virgin olive oil are preserved intact.

Organic Farming

We also produce ultra-quality organic olive oil using techniques and materials that are environmentally friendly.