“Kalamata” olives in a 200g vacuum packed bag, with luxury paper external packaging.

Enjoy it in the office, with a drink at home, with friends, in your traditional dishes or because you just feel like it.
At Greek Pony Farm, honouring a four-generation tradition, we pick our olives one by one, carefully with love. We let them mature in brine and we preserve them in extra virgin olive oil from our farm.
They are lustrous, fleshy, crunchy, full of aromas, with colours from brown to violet and black and incredibly tasty!
Having been a cornerstone of the Greek diet, alone or accompanied by a slice of bread, they became as the years went by one of the key ingredients of the Mediterranean diet and the most celebrated ingredient in Greek and International gastronomy.
Its packing in vacuum keeps the “queen” firm until it comes to your table.
The “Kalamata” olive, Product of Designated Origin (PDO) from Greek Pony Farm® fulfils all the requirements of the EU from its production, picking, processing until its standardization. Because of that, the EU recognizes its authenticity and its unique nutritional value by including it in the Products of Designated Origin (PDO).

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