Our farm



Our farm is a beautiful and serene place,
a refuge with many interesting activities



Greek Pony Farm | Our farm

In the centre of an organic farm within age-old olive trees, plots with herbs and aromatic plants, gardens with vegetables and fruits, coexisting harmoniously our restless ponies, among other animals deer, horses and cows.

This place is our farm: the «Greek Pony Farm».

Our farm is located 2 km from the village of Rodia, the Municipality of Trifilia of Messinia in the Peloponnese Region, Greece. In a traditional rural area at an altitude of approximately 500 meters, surrounded by mountains,  and valleys and not far from the picturesque Gulf of Kyparissia.

The «Greek Pony Farm» always aiming for even better products with top quality and high nutritional value, a process that never stops. With eco-friendly character and constant investment activities, the arable land grows and expands to produce even more fruits with a mild farming that does not exhaust the trees, the soil and the environment. In our groves, we are cultivating two of the most significant varieties in our country Koroneiki and Kalamata. Our trees grow in synergy with fruit trees, herbs and vegetables. Machinery and buildings are being updated and improved daily, by incorporating modern trends and technology.

The special microclimate and soil composition make unique each olive, each tree. Our know-how and expertise, as well as the modernization of every aspect of our production, surpasses even the organic principles and approaches as a “philosophy” of management the logic of bio-farming. Plants, trees and dozens of animals that are hosted on the farm are actively involved in the production process, creating a small, active almost self-sustaining ecosystem that evolves and is regularly updated.

So, the Greek Pony Farm ® and its products surpass with ease all the relevant criteria and are certified of organic agriculture, as also as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) certification that asserts the uniqueness of the area where belong…

Our Grove (from above)

We created our organic farm
approaching nature with respect and ethos,
not just to get from this but also to return to it,
or at least setting the conditions so that it can be replenished and self-healed.


Our farm is an epicenter of tranquility, creation and communication with nature