Our varieties


On our land we cultivate edible table olives of the “Kalamon” variety and the “Koroneiki” variety for olive oil.


The “Kalamata” variety

The “Kalamata” olives is a premium variety of edible olives of designated origin.

It is cultivated mainly in Messinia and Laconia and less in other regions of Greece.
Its fruit is big, bent unilaterally weighing 5-7 gr/a piece. One of the great advantages of this variety is that its core (kernel) is easily extracted.  The olive has 16%-18% oil content.
It retains its dark almost black firm flesh and its glossy skin until it is consumed.

The “Kalamata” olives of the Greek Pony Farm are selected and picked by hand.
They are processed   following a traditional recipe which has been in the family for four generations and preserved only in brine and extra virgin olive oil.  The resulting taste is of incomparable quality.

The “Koroneiki” variety

It is the dominant and the most emblematic Greek variety.

It is cultivated mainly in Peloponnese and Crete.  It requires rich soil, moisture and sun and limited farming practices. It grows up to an altitude of 600 meters.
Its color is greenish yellow and its aroma is mean to distinctively fruity. It has a rich taste and lasting after taste.
Yet, it gives an intense bitter and spicy sensation, lending it premium balance.
The lack of a great complexity in other aromas makes it unique.  Its aroma of greens and fresh grass adds to its pronounced freshness.

It’s the combination of all the above characteristics that make the “Koroneiki” the variety of exquisite harmony in Greece and all over the world.