Our ponies

our ponies live in the farm
and contribute to our ecosystem.

Our Farm was named “Greek Pony Farm” for a very special reason:
the unique herd of ponies that live free and grow up within our lands and olive groves!

Our ponies are the greatest number of animals that live at our farm
deer, sheep, horses and cows who live and contribute to our small ecosystem.
They are also vital for the life and cultivation of trees
in an original, creative way perhaps unique in the world.

“Socrates” the leader of the herd and the rest of the ponies
roam within the olive groves and the lands of the farm,
grazing freely and thus gently weeding in the most natural way,
contributing simultaneously to the natural fertilization of the ground.

This results in cleaner plots, healthier trees and tastier fruit
with higher nutritional value as well as
high quality extra virgin olive oil and edible “Kalamata” olives.

Thus, our ponies are the trademark of all of our products.

We are traditional producers
of extra virgin olive oil


Our farm in moments of tranquillity, creativity and communication with nature

“The olive tree is the richest gift of heaven”



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