P.D.O. “Kalamata” Olives

Greek Pony Farm’s Kalamata olives meet the E.U. specifications, in every step from cultivation to standardization.


Product Description

  • Protected Destination of Origin “Kalamata”.
  • Processed in a natural and traditional way.
  • From carefully hand-selected fruits.
  • Unique taste, natural colour, characteristic shape.

Available in jar 200gr net weight.




Extra Virgin Olive Oil
for health vitality and longevity

Our variety allows us to make a difference in our lives and the Greek land.

The E.U. health-claim on olive oil polyphenols
(EU Commission Regulation 432/2012) ,
has proven beyond any doubt
the exceptional nutritional values
and extraordinary anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidant properties
of this ancient but yet brand new functional superfood.

With this act, the E.U. practically approves and certifies
a brand new olive oil category, the “High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oils”,
rewarding those rare extra virgin olive oils
that contains 5mg per 20 gm or more of polyphenols.

“Greek Pony Farm” produces 2 extra virgin olive oils in this new category!

With our “meraki”, our variety and our people we make the difference.

“The olive tree is the richest gift of heaven”