Our farm is a way of life

cultivate with care
having the sun and the sea our allies

In the village Rodhia, Kyparissia of Messinia, at Peloponnese,
in the center of a real Greek agricultural “Paradise”
is located the “Greek Pony Farm”,
the farm of the Nikolakopoulos Family.

In a blessed area,
where the Greek land
generously offers its unique fruits
from antiquity until today.

The family tradition of four generations
is present everywhere in the olive groves
and the lands of the farm.
The personal care of every detail
begins from the crops and the infrastructure
and is concluded to the production and standardization of all products.

For the Nikolakopoulos family, the Farm is a way of life.

And this is obvious in every drop
of the organic extra virgin olive oil,
on each selected olive, on each fruit
that bears the signature “Greek Pony Farm”!

We are traditional producers
of extra virgin olive oil

Our authenticity

“The olive tree is the richest gift of heaven”



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