At Kyparissia of Messinia in the region of Peloponnese
in the centre of a traditional Greek rural «


The Nikolakopoulos family



Our farm is a way of life.
Each drop of organic olive oil, each olive…
has the signature of «Greek Pony Farm»


Production of virgin olive oil



The special microclimate and soil composition make unique each olive, each tree.
Our know-how and expertise, our production surpass the organic principles
and approaches the logic of bio-farming


About us

The four-generation family tradition is present all over in the olive groves and the farm.
The personal care of each and every detail is present in the cultivation
and the infrastructure as well as in the production and standardization of all our products.

Our products

All the products of the «Greek Pony Farm» are produced following the strictest principles and under the constant supervision of the Nikolakopoulos Family at every production stage.

We monitor constantly the cultivation with the help of our ponies and the everyday care of the trees and the soil as well as the choice of the picking up time, the direct processing and the standardization and storage conditions.

Our co-operators are selected following the same criteria and essentially form part of our productive family for years and years.

Our ecosystem

Our Farm was named “Greek Pony Farm” for a very special reason: the unique herd of ponies that live free and grow up within our lands and olive groves! Our ponies are the greatest number of animals that live at our farm deer, sheep, horses and cows who live and contribute to our small ecosystem and they are also vital for the life and cultivation of trees in an original, creative way perhaps unique in the world.

Our farm

Our varieties

Discover our ponies

Production & Quality

All the «Greek Pony Farm» products fulfil the strict standards of selection and certification of Greek and International organizations, receiving continuously the highest prizes. They have certification of Organic Farming as well as certification of Product of Designated Origin (PDO) which certifies the uniqueness of the area where they are produced.