Our philosophy

our culture is a traditional “continuum”
in the production of extra virgin olive oil and olives,
coming from our grandparents
and grandparents of our grandparents
since four generations.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple and is based on the triptych:


Through four generations of farm cultivation in our “paradise” at Rodia in Kyparissia, Peloponnese, Greece. We have learned from our successes and our failures, that in the organic cultivation of land, the essential foundations are the place, the tradition, the quality, the sustainable development, the innovation, the good practices and passion.

Today the “Greek Pony Farm”, in the “blessed” place where our estates are, we grow edible (table) Kalamata olives and olives for olive oil (ladolia) of Koroneiki variety, emblematic of our country and world known.

  • The purpose and objectives which arising from our philosophy is the sustainable development and the innovation.Our brand name is not a randomly chosen, a herd of ponies roving freely within our olive groves, weed out and fertilizing our farm, along with deer, horses, cows, sheep and goats.
  • The harvesting of our groves is done with the synergism of tradition and good practices that impose the cultivation knowledge of four generations of experience and on the other, the modern standards and methods that we follow in all stages of production and standardization.
  • We incorporate innovative practices because we desire the final consumer to taste our products and stay etched on his senses as “unique”.

Finally, our passion and our connection with the farm, the trees, the animals are daily, which is vitalizing us and because passionately we are looking for “ARISTON”, an ideal that we taught by our grandfathers and so we will teach our children.



The passion and love framed by tradition
in the production of our extra virgin olive oil

The olive tree is the richest gift of heaven


Στοιχεία Επικοινωνίας

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